Herb Wesson Meeting - Updates on the Social Equity Program

Posted by Olivia Hartman on September 22, 2020


Last week (9/13/2020), Herb Wesson held a Zoom meeting to discuss the trajectory of L.A.’s social equity program. Margolin & Lawrence Partner, Raza Lawrence, was in attendance and discusses critical points that were brought up in the meeting.

[VIDEO] Q&A with Raza: Shareholder Agreements and LA's Licensing Process

Posted by Raza Lawrence on September 6, 2020


Looking to enter the Los Angeles cannabis industry? Listen to a short Q&A session between partner at Margolin & Lawrence, Raza Lawrence, and policy analyst, Olivia Hartman on the importance of shareholder agreements when entering a business partnership. Raza discusses everything you need to know about L.A.'s social equity program, the types of disputes that are resolved or avoided altogether by shareholder agreements, and how L.A.'s Department of Cannabis Regulation ordinance updates affect equity shares within a company structure.



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