Vote Yes on 25 for Bail Reform: California's Prop 25 Ends the Innocent Poor Man's Dilemma

Posted by Rob Uriostegui on October 31, 2020

By Rob Uriostegui, Esq.  (Margolin & Lawrence Attorneys at Law)

California's Prop 25 Ends the Innocent Poor Man's Dilemma: Does He Plead Guilty Now to Get Out of Jail Sooner or Fight the Case but Stay Locked Up Until Vindicated?

Vote yes on Proposition 25 that ends cash bail. For years, prosecutors have used cash bail as a weapon against the accused to coerce an early plea deal. This interferes with the defendant's right to a fair trial, right to counsel, and other due process rights. This is wrong. Prop 25 ends this.

Barrett needs to go, and the Stimulus needs to come

Posted by Allison Margolin on October 26, 2020

By Allison Margolin and Jenna Rompel (Margolin & Lawrence Attorneys at Law)

The vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett is set to go ahead this evening. With a current vote of 51 to 48 with Republicans pulling ahead it appears Judge Barrett is set to be confirmed to take a seat on the Supreme Court.

DEA, USPS, and Miss America 2020 to reveal Drug Free USA Forever stamp

Posted by Allison Margolin on October 21, 2020

Just say no to the stamp “Drug Free USA Forever.” Apparently, someone thinks this is a good idea when there are so many more awesome stamps out there that should be highlighted and reissued like the 2002 Langston Hughes stamp or the 2003 Thurgood Marshall stamp.

Delivery, Distribution, Non-Volatile Manufacturing and Testing Lab Commercial Cannabis Activity Application Processing Opens Today 10/20/2020 (Forms)

Posted by Allison Margolin on October 20, 2020

Attached is the procedure and forms for the initial DCR Pre-Application review. After the pre-application review applicants will receive an invoice and have 10 days to pay in order to move forward in the licensing process.

Los Angeles faces lawsuit over marijuana delivery licenses

Posted by Allison Margolin on October 20, 2020

Los Angeles is Finally about to Start Accepting Applications for Cannabis Delivery, Distribution, and Manufacturing Licenses

Posted by Raza Lawrence on October 7, 2020

On October 5, the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation announced that it will begin accepting applications for commercial cannabis delivery, distribution, and manufacturing licenses on October 20.  Delivery licenses must be partially owned by a qualified Social Equity Applicant who meets the City’s standard that takes into account low-income status, having a prior cannabis arrest or conviction, and having lived for a minimum time period in one of the City’s police reporting districts that has historically had the most cannabis arrests. 


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