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Marijuana Legalization about to take off in NY, NJ, and AZ

Posted by Olivia Hartman on January 13, 2021

By Olivia Hartman | Policy Analyst (Margolin & Lawrence)

A green wave spread across the U.S. following the excitement from the 2020 election. South Dakota, Montana, Arizona, and New Jersey all legalized the recreational use of marijuana;

U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia: Stakes are HIGH…even for cannabis standards

Posted by Olivia Hartman on January 5, 2021

By Olivia Hartman | Policy Analyst, Allison Margolin Esq. (Margolin & Lawrence)

Two of Georgia’s Senate seats are up for grabs as a result of the non-conclusive results from the 2020 election. Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are both on the Jan. 5 ballot (Tuesday) in runoff elections because neither got enough votes Nov. 3 to win outright. The outcome, however, will not only result in partisan control of the U.S. Senate but it will be extremely telling for the trajectory of cannabis.

Herb Wesson Meeting - Updates on the Social Equity Program

Posted by Olivia Hartman on September 22, 2020


Last week (9/13/2020), Herb Wesson held a Zoom meeting to discuss the trajectory of L.A.’s social equity program. Margolin & Lawrence Partner, Raza Lawrence, was in attendance and discusses critical points that were brought up in the meeting.

L.A. Cannabis Commission Set To Clarify PCN Process

Posted by Olivia Hartman on July 29, 2020

On Thursday, July 30th, at 2:00 pm, the Los Angeles Cannabis Regulation Commission

Department of Cannabis Regulation will be conducting a Special Meeting via Teleconference to continue the discussion on L.A. cannabis licensing updates. At the last City Council meeting, changes were made to the ordinance relating to the retail licensing process, the Social Equity Program, and moving licenses around the City. The details of those changes were reported on by our staff - check them out here. Some of the decisions that were made in the last meeting were found to be confusing by Los Angeles civilians - specifically in regards to the details of the revised Social Equity Program and Round 2 Licensing process, who will be able to participate in the Round 2 lottery, and how and when Round 1 applicants who secured properties in anticipation of a license will be able to get licensed. Some of these issues may be clarified after the meeting on Thursday.

Is it burglary or is it looting? A legal look at police force in the BLM protests

Posted by Olivia Hartman on June 3, 2020

June 3, 2020

By Olivia Hartman, Policy Analyst at Margolin & Lawrence

Current conversations on police use of force and brutality, otherwise known as retaliation measures, have been circulating among many social and political spheres. An essential part of participating in a protest movement is understanding the difference between looting and burglary, as it has been in previous discussions related to civil unrest. Both crimes consist of the same elements, and bear the same potential sentences, but are treated as two completely different crimes. 

New York, New Jersey, and Illinois: 3 Narratives of Recreational Weed Legalization

Posted by Olivia Hartman on July 26, 2019




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