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Posted by Margolin & Lawrence on April 4, 2018

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Only a week is left until Culver City starts accepting applications for cannabis business
permits - except storefront retail, which is scheduled to open by May. With delays in the City of LA's application process, the City's original slogan,"All Roads Lead to Culver City" is beginning to ring true for many cannabis businesses. 

Cannabis permit applications can be submitted starting at 8:00am on April 9th for all manufacturing,
distribution, cultivation, testing, and delivery-only retail businesses. The application for
temporary licensing became available on March 23rd leaving just two weeks for prospective
businesses to finalize their operating plans, including gathering the appropriate documentation
required for city compliance.

There are only a limited number of licenses for each type of cannabis activity in Culver City, making the need for professional counsel all the more significant. The city will be sure to award licensing to the most prepared applicants, and just as quickly deny licensing to applicants with even the smallest clerical error in their application. According to the Culver City website, the City Manager will open up the possibility of
increasing the number of licenses the city allows if the number of qualified applicants exceeds
the current quota for each type of cannabis business (e.g. there are 6 distribution licenses
available in Culver City). It is also worth noting that while Culver City does not currently offer
microbusiness licensing, it does offer licenses to multiple business categories. What’s more, if a
manufacturing license applicant wishes to also apply for a distribution and/or delivery license
(pertaining to their manufacturing business), they may apply for both permits without concern
over the quotas for distribution and delivery-retail licensing.

All applicants should be sure to cross-reference their activity’s zoning requirements with
the city zoning map. As storefront retail is the only activity in Culver City that has specific
distancing requirements that do not explicitly apply to manufacturing, cultivation, distribution,
testing or delivery-only retail, applicants for this activity should also check their business
premises complies with the storefront retail eligibility map. This is to ensure that no businesses
can set up shop near sensitive receptors like schools, parks, playgrounds, etc., as well as to
limit cannabis activity in each neighborhood.

The more exhaustive aspects of the application are the security, site, business, and
operation plans, which may need a dedicated contractor. While in Los Angeles City it is
necessary to hire a security team that is not composed of the applicant’s employees, the Culver
City Ordinance makes no such requirement. But it is recommended for compliance assurance
that prospective businesses hire outside consultation for security and safety measures. For
legal consultation, Margolin & Lawrence will gladly assist with the business and operation plans
to expedite the application process for all proposed and existing cannabis businesses.
Schedule an initial consultation with Margolin & Lawrence by calling (323) 653-9700 or
emailing us at for more information. 

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