LA Rules Committee Recommends Volatile Cannabis Manufacturing

Posted by Margolin & Lawrence on August 24, 2017

In a letter published today, the Los Angeles City Council’s Rules, Elections, and Intergovernmental Relations Committee (Rules Committee) advised the City Planning Department that they support the allowance of Type 7 (so called "volatile") manufacturing within the City of LA. The letter represents a signficant policy shift on the City's part, since the Draft Operating Requirements released in June only allowed for non-volatile. Our Los Angeles cannabis attorneys are often asked what the difference is - any extraction process that uses flammable substances (including CO2) is considered "volatile" and would require a Type 7 license from the state. These labs are also subject to stringent safety requirements, which are discussed further in our prior post on volatile manufacturing. 



The letter from the Los Angeles Rules Committee also recommends full licensure for qualified cannabis business operators. Many came out during public comment and expressed that the "Certificate of Compliance" be changed to full licensing, and from this letter it looks as though the City has heard the public and is moving forward with licensing. 

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