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Posted by Sara Adams on July 25, 2019



As the cannabis industry continues to expand, you may be wondering where exactly in California it is legal to operate a cannabis based business. And even more importantly, “which counties and cities are still open for applications for these businesses?” We compiled a list below for you to save time.


Alameda Non-Storefront Delivery

  • Oakland
    • Application period: Closed for dispensaries, open for all others.

Contra Costa Non-Storefront

  • Antioch
    • Application Period: The City is currently accepting Use Permit applications for cannabis businesses and does not have a deadline to apply. The application process is ongoing. You can the application form here:


Humboldt Non-Storefront

  • Humboldt County
    • Application Period: The County is currently accepting applications.


Kings Non-Storefront

  • Hanford
    • Application Process Zoning: Commercial cannabis businesses may be located within I-H zones with a conditional use permit. Distance Requirement: Commercial cannabis businesses may not be located within 200 feet of any residentially zoned parcel, including any legal nonconforming residential uses as of the date the commercial cannabis business permit is issued. If any part of an I-H zoned parcel falls within the two hundred (200) foot radius from residentially zoned properties within the City, then the entire parcel shall be excluded from allowing the commercial cannabis business. Additionally, commercial cannabis businesses may not be located within 600 feet of any school, daycare facility, or youth facility.


Lake Non-Storefront

  • Lakeport
    • Application Period: The City is currently accepting applications. Click here for the Application Packet.

Marin Non-Storefront

  • Belvedere
    • Application Period: The City is currently accepting applications. Click here for the Application Packet.
  • San Rafael
    • Application Period: In July 2019, the City of San Rafael will be opening a second round of licensing for the following cannabis licenses:Cannabis Testing Labs (State License Type 8): 4 licenses availableInfused Product Manufacturing MIPs (State License Type N): 3 licenses available Distribution (State License Type 11): 2 licenses available

Mendocino Non-Storefront

  • Mendocino County
    • Application Period: Beginning April 1, 2019, the Mendocino County Cannabis Program will accept Phase I Cannabis Cultivation Applications. Applications for all other license types are currently being accepted.
  • Point Arena
    • Application period: The city is currently accepting applications.
  • Ukiah
  • Willits
    • Application Period: The City is currently accepting applications for cultivation, manufacturing, laboratories and research, distribution, packaging and processing, and infusion. Willits is NOT currently accepting applications for Dispensaries, as the license cap has been met. Click here for an Application Checklist.


Merced Non-Storefront

  • Merced – City
    • Application Process
      • December 4, 2017 - The Council ADOPTED an ordinance that allows for most commercial cannabis activities. Deliveries may only be made from a permitted dispensary in the city in compliance with all state regulations. The meeting can be found here.

Modoc Non-Storefront

  • Modoc - County
    • May 8, 2018 - The Board of Supervisors voted to adopt Ordinance No. 349-D, effectively prohibiting commercial cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail sales in unincorporated areas of the county.

Monterey Non-Storefront

  • Del Rey Oaks
    • Application Period: Not specified
  • King City
    • Application Period: Not specified


Nevada Non-Storefront


Sacramento Non-Storefront

  • Isleton
  • Sacramento – City
    • Deliveries: The City adopted an ordinance for delivery-only dispensaries on November 28, 2017. There is no limit yet on Delivery-Only dispensaries. Cannabis delivery may be approved on a case-by-case basis for permitted (existing) dispensaries or by new non-storefront, delivery-only dispensaries in the following zones:
      • General Commercial (C2), Heavy Commercial (C4), Light Industrial (M1 and M1S), Heavy Commercial (M2 and M2S)



San Francisco City and County Non-Storefront Delivery

· Application Period: San Francisco is currently only accepting applications from Equity Applicants, an Equity Incubator, or pre-existing cannabis businesses in San Francisco. San Francisco will announce when it opens applications to the public. San Francisco recently approved an ordinance for temporary event licenses.


San Bernardino Non-Storefront

  • Hesperia non-storefront delivery
    • Application Period: An application deadline is not mentioned. You can view the Medical Cannabis Delivery Business License Application here: You can view the Medical Cannabis Delivery Business Permit Application here:

Shasta Non-Storefront

  • Redding- City non-storefront delivery


Sonoma Non-Storefront

  • Cloverdale- City non-storefront delivery
    • Application Period: Cloverdale is currently accepting applications for cannabis permits.
  • Cotati – City non-storefront delivery
    • Application Period: Cotati is currently accepting applications for cannabis permits.
  • Santa Rosa – City non-storefront delivery
    • Application Period: The application period will be opened on June 3, 2019.
  • Sonoma – City non-storefront delivery
    • Application Period: Not yet determined. The City Council will adopt criteria for submittal requirements and processing fees. This process is anticipated to be completed by October 2019.
  • Sonoma County non-storefront delivery
    • Application Period: Sonoma County is currently accepting applications for Cultivation or Manufacturing. You may submit an application to be on the waitlist for dispensary permits.

Stanislaus Non-Storefront

  • Ceres
    • May 29, 2018 - The City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2018-1045, which establishes a Cannabis Business Pilot Program and regulates all commercial cannabis activity in the City of Ceres. Cannabis businesses shall only be permitted to operate in the City following application, investigation, verification, approval, and issuance of a development agreement approved by the City Council, and a cannabis business permit issued by the City in accordance with the criteria and procedures set forth in Chapter 9.120.You can view Ordinance No. 2018-1045 here:


Yolo Non-Storefront

  • Davis
    • Application Process: The City of Davis is accepting applications for commercial businesses (manufacturing, testing, research, distribution). No cannabis dispensary or cannabis delivery applications are being accepted at this time and no date has been set for reopening the application process.


Check back more for later. If you have any remaining questions, please reach out to one of our attorneys here at Margolin and Lawrence and we would be happy to start your application process with you.




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