Phase 3 Round 1 Application Aftermath:

Posted by Margolin & Lawrence on September 5, 2019


Just yesterday, the Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) opened up the application process for Round 1 of Phase 3 retail storefront licenses in the City of Los Angeles. Due to heavy restrictions and high demand, appropriate locations for these storefronts can be difficult to come by. Many applicants have locations which meet all guidelines, yet still fall within a community plan area that has reached “undue concentration.” Here’s the 411 on what is expected to happen after the opening of Phase 3 Round 1 applications:

● It will take 2-3 weeks after Round 1 ends (Sept. 17) for the DCR to update applicants on their application status. Applicants should not sign into the DCR portal as it might affect the reviewal process.

● Undue concentration community plan areas are subject to change after the first round of applications.

● Applicants whose proposed business premises are located in a community plan area that has met undue concentration will be routed to a Public Convenience or Necessity (PCN) request process. The DCR has more information on this here.

● PCN requests are not pending applications, do not receive a timestamp, and do not prevent another applicant from submitting a competing PCN request in the same area.

● DCR will not accept, review, or process any application from an Applicant located in area of Undue Concentration unless there is PCN finding from City Council.

● Applicants will receive an email from the DCR when it is time to submit the “ownership submittal.” Applicants should not submit this document before it is requested by the DCR.

We have been notified by the DCR that Round 2 will start between January and February 2020.








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