LA Updates Cannabis Zoning, Includes Volatile Manufacturing

Posted by Margolin & Lawrence on September 8, 2017

Yesterday the City of Los Angeles released new zoning for cannabis businesses. The blue and pink maps released in June have been updated. We now have zoning for volatile manufacturing and mixed light cultivation, which is a departure from the prior draft ordinance released in June. We predicted the City was leaning towards volatile manufacturing after they released a letter earlier this month, which you can read about here. Additional areas have been added to the permitted zones for commercial cannabis activity.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 7.55.40 AM.png

Our Los Angeles cannabis lawyers have read the ordinance and surveyed the maps. Here are our main takeaways:

(1) Overall, the new maps broaden the areas where commercial cannabis activity will be allowed within the City.

(2) Type 7 Volatile Manufacturing will be allowed in limited commercial and industrial zones. This is still a draft ordinance, and not final, so there could be additional changes, but this is a strong indicator the City will issue Type 7 licenses.

(3) Dispensary 800 foot buffer zone: the buffer zone is still required in this draft ordinance and sensitive use setbacks are required for dispensaries (and micro businesses with direct to patient sales) only.

(4) Distances will continue to be measured property line to property line

(5) Mixed Light Cultivation will be allowed. The state defines mixed light as any cultivation method that uses a combination of natural and artificial light - usually this refers to greenhouses.

On September 14, the City Planning Commission will consider the proposed amendment to the draft ordinance. All cannabis business stakeholders should attend to make their voices heard on the City’s proposed zoning. After this meeting, the draft ordinance will be considered by the City Council and the Mayor. Under Measure M, the City is required to adopt new regulations by September 30 (though the City Council has the option to extend this deadline). The clock is ticking and we look forward to seeing you at the City Council meeting next Thursday night.

Contact our Los Angeles cannabis lawyers to assess your zoning in light of the new draft. 

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