L.A. Cannabis Commission Update: 7/30/2020

Posted by Raza Lawrence on August 3, 2020

L.A. Cannabis Commission Update 7-30-20

Robert Ahn was elected President  and Thryeris Mason was elected Vice President of the Cannabis Commission at the meeting
● PCN Requests: 
  • Six Community Plan Areas (Central City, Central City North, Harbor Gateway, Sherman
    Oaks/Studio City, Sun Valley/La Tuna Canyon, and Venice) have reached undue
    concentration limits.
  • Boyle Heights, Hollywood, North Hollywood, and West LA have not reached undue
    concentration due to the recently adopted amendments.
  • Applicants who wish to apply within these Community Plan Areas must request a
    finding for Public Convenience or Necessity (PCN) from City Council.
  • 69 Social Equity Individual Applicants have registered their intent to submit a PCN
    request: Central City (39), Central City North (5), Harbor Gateway (4), Sherman Oaks/Studio City (8), Sun Valley/La Tuna Canyon (10), and Venice (3).

PCN Standards 

  • The existing commercial cannabis businesses in the requestor's CPA are concentrated in one area, such that the requestor's business, located in another area, would serve the public convenience or necessity; or
  • The proposed business premises would serve an area of increased density or consumer traffic, including, but not limited to, an entertainment or commercial corridor, such that the proposed location would serve the public convenience or necessity by satisfying a higher demand for retail locations; or
  • The proposed business premises would be located in an area with a high number of unlicensed commercial cannabis retail establishments, such that an additional licensed location would serve the public convenience or necessity by satisfying a higher demand for retail locations and reduce patronage of unlicensed establishments; or
  • The requestor's business would include clear specified public safety related features, such that the operation of the requestor's business would serve the public convenience or necessity by likely reducing crime or nuisance activity in the surrounding area.

 pcn Workflow


Phase 2 Applicants: 

  • Phase 2 businesses that receive 2020 Temporary Approval (TA) documents will
    have the opportunity to request relocation within their CPA and/or separate their
    activities before submitting their Annual License Application.
  • The modification process will be streamlined using the Accela portal for
    submissions and approvals.
  • Phase 2 businesses with 2020 TA may submit for their 2021 renewals and Annual
    Application beginning in September.
  • The first set of Phase 2 Annual Applications may be deemed complete by the end
    of 2020.
  • The first set of Phase 2 Annual Licenses may be issued in Spring 2021. 


Social Equity Program 

  • Allow individuals to participate in the Social Equity Program based on the original criteria or new criteria as supported by the Expanded Cannabis Social Equity Analysis.
  • Revise the definition of Social Equity Individual Applicant for those seeking to participate in the Program based on the Expanded Analysis to any individual who meets any two of the following three criteria: 1) Low Income 2) a prior California Cannabis Arrest or Conviction 3) ten year’s cumulative residency in a Disproportionately Impacted Area.
  • Revise the definition of “Low Income” to be based on the annual U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income limits which considers household size and assets. Furthermore, the amendments add definitions for “Household Size” and “Asset.”
  • Revise the definition of Disproportionately Impacted Area in accordance with the Expanded Analysis which recommends using 151 Police Reporting Districts instead of Zip Codes as the geographic unit for inclusion in the Program.

business Premises Relocation Workflow

nextSteps - phase 3 Retail Round1-initial 100

nextSteps - phase 3 Retail Round 1 - additional 100


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